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*(تضاف الضريبة) سعر العبوة 59.25 ر.س بدلاً من 79 SAR


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  •  Botanical Cream consisting of multiple botanical components & nutritional ingredients including Sesame Oil, BeesWax and other edible herbs which provide Beta Sitosterol;
  • Anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory & Healing;

– Sesame Oil, Panthenol, Propolis, Honey, Vitamin E, Black Seed Oil, and other natural ingredients including olive oil, aloevera, 

– Rejuvenating & Anti-Aging; Collagen, Elastin

– Healing & Moisturizing; Panthenol, Shea Butter.


– Maintains wound in a physiological moist environment. 

– Promotes Skin (Wound) Healing Post-procedure, by activating and sustaining intrinsic regenerative potential of the body and cultivating stem cells.

– Improves Wound Microcirculation 

– Protect Wound from Bacterial infections

– Minimize Pain & Use of Analgesics.

– Reducing Scarring, promotes quality of healing.