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1-Baby Foot Peeling Socks.

Baby Foot Peeling Socks contain gel of Fruity Acid Mixture and other natural extracts inside two plastic booties. Before you wear your booties, make sure your feet are clean and free from nail polish and any dirt.

Usage Steps:

-Cut along the dotted line to separate your booties. Place one bootie on each foot and secure them with the included adhesive tape.

-Keep the booties on for one-Two hours. This allows the gel to absorb, so it can penetrate deep into your skin. You can put on a pair of socks over the booties and even walk around in them, as long as your foot and gel stay inside.

-Remove the booties and wash the gel from your feet with soap. Soak your feet in hot water every day to keep the gel active.

2-Baby Foot Smoothing Gel.

(During peeling).

Baby Foot Smoothing Gel (Alcohol & Oils Free) is a foot lotion designed to help during the exfoliation process. It makes that process more comfortable for you and easier on your feet. When you have old skin peeling off and new skin appearing, it’s easy for your feet to get uncomfortable. They can feel especially tender at this point in the process or get extremely sensitive. This foot Gel is designed to deal with all of those problems

3-Baby Foot Intensive Hydration Socks

(Intensive Hydration Socks).

When you finish with your foot peel, apply our Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Hydration Socks for maximum moisturization. It’s great for newly peeled feet or when you’re between treatments but you want to maintain high moisturization levels for your feet. Keep your feet baby smooth with the Baby Foot Moisturizing Mask. So, you’ve used your Baby Foot exfoliating foot mask and you want to keep your feet hydrated and healthy? Simply apply this product and wait 15 – 30 minutes. Remove it, and you’ll find that the Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and 14 natural extracts have penetrated your skin. These make your feet feel extra soft and smooth, so you don’t have to be concerned about cracked, dry skin between Baby Foot Mask treatments.

4-Baby Foot Moisture Cream

(Shea Butter Cream for post peeling)

The moisturizing foot cream starts out as a gel. Simply rub it between your palms to warm it up, then apply it to your feet. Feel free to use it over the whole foot or simply apply it where you are experiencing peeling or feeling sensitive. It will become a creamy liquid when it touches your skin. Rub it in carefully and thoroughly, and your feet will begin to feel better immediately.

You can use it forever.